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Professional Development

professional development

At the NYU MPH Program, we strive to ensure that students have numerous professional development opportunities available to them, both within and outside the program and university. From their entrance into the program, students will meet with their faculty advisors and the public health practice office to determine not only their course of study but also their career goals and professional development.

Students have access to a wide range of skill-building activities, career guidance, opportunities to advance their experiential training, and leadership opportunities. Most importantly, we strive to ensure that students here at NYU have the opportunity to gain experience, build skills, receive guidance in their career, and get involved in their public health community.

Gain Experience

Wherever students are in their career and professional development, the NYU MPH Program works to provide opportunities where students can enhance their classroom learning with experiental training. Whether a student is an experienced professional, in the midst of a mid-career transition, or just out of an undergraduate degree, NYU offers many resources to help students to identify the gaps in students' training and determine what experience they need take them to the next level, helping them to undertake:

  • Internships/Practicums
  • Fellowships
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Practice-based coursework
  • Leadership opportunities in student organizations

Skill Building

When students arrive at the NYU MPH Program, we work closely with them to identify which skills and experience they come to the program with and which skills they hope to gain upon leaving the program. Whether it be tailoring a student's coursework, presenting in a class presentation, learning how to network with public health practitioners, the NYU MPH Program offers an extensive array of skill-building activities. We aim to ensure that students not only gain the skills necessary to succeed in securing a job, but also in maintaining a career, and continuing to grow as a practitioner in their field. In addition to the curriculum, practice-based requirements, and events, the NYU MPH Program offer workshops, seminars, and resources to help students build their skills and gain some of the most crucial skills for public health professionals, including but not limited to skills in leadership, teamwork, communication, and cultural diversity.

Career Guidance

The NYU MPH Program works to provide students with in-house career support as well as expand the opportunities available to students throughout the other professional schools at NYU. We have relationships with numerous agencies throughout the city and globally and aim to assist students in identifying job, internship, practicum, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities. In addition, we provide resources, workshops, events, and panels on the following topics:

  • Self-assessments
  • Resume writing and cover letters
  • Interviewing and salary negotiations
  • Networking
  • Job / fieldwork search and application process and career management database
  • Types of public health positions / careers and job posting sites

Get Involved

We encourage all students to get involved, whether it be in your graduate experience or in your professional community. There are many ways to do so and the NYU MPH is a member of several professional associations which students may join at a discounted value. The NYU MPH Program also has two student groups, which provide opportunities for leadership, teamwork, and many other professional development resources.

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