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The intersections between medicine and public health are crucial in finding effective ways to respond to these important challenges.  It is with that in mind that the NYU Master of Public Health program has collaborated with the highly acclaimed NYU School of Medicine to offer a dual degree MD/MPH in Global Health Leadership program that understands the complexity of the globalized world and represents a new model of medical education.

The MD/MPH in Global Health Leadership offers the opportunity to integrate medical training with public health from a global health perspective.  This allows students to augment their clinical medical training with the public health skills necessary to assume leadership positions in the global public health arena.   MD/MPH students will benefit from the many strengths of this interdisciplinary program, such as its wide breadth of instruction and ability to draw resources from five of NYU’s world-renowned graduate and professional schools.NYU faculty teach public health courses on topics as dynamic and wide-ranging as: 

  • Disease prevention and health promotion in diverse populations
  • Healthcare organization, management, financing and delivery
  • Social and cultural factors influencing health behavior
  • Medical and public health research design and methods
  • Designing and evaluating large-scale interventions
  • Community-based health program design and evaluation
  • Infectious disease and genetic epidemiology
  • Chronic disease epidemiology and control
  • Global health and development policy and politics
  • Public health informatics
  • Emerging diseases and bioterrorism
  • Health disparities and their solutions


Career options for MD/MPH students are wide-ranging and limited only by a student’s own interests, backgrounds, and ambitions. Students might go on to such positions as commissioner of a health department, director/president of an NGO, senior executive at a healthcare institution, clinician in a developing country, or working with immigrant populations in the U.S.  Students who pursue clinical medicine may continue to be involved in advocacy or policy development on local or global issues.


Typically, this program is open to students who have already been accepted to, and matriculated in, the School of Medicine.  Students will generally apply to the program in their third year of medical school with course work leading to the MPH in Global Health Leadership beginning at the end of the third year (see Special Considerations below for modifications to this outline).  Students will postpone beginning their fourth year medical school requirements to take two semesters of full-time course work within the MPH program.  Upon returning to Medical school, students will continue to take the remaining courses toward the MPH degree while concurrently completing medical school requirements.


The MD/MPH follows a specially designed curriculum which allows students to complete both degrees in five years of full-time study. Medical Students accepted to the dual degree program will generally first fulfill their MD requirements in the first three years of the program followed by a year of MPH degree coursework.  The remaining 2 MPH courses (3 credits each semester), Integrative Seminar and Capstone, are completed in evening classes during the final year of the MD program. 

Special Considerations

1. Program Timing: Some prospective students may have a special interest in obtaining a dual degree as part of their consideration to attend the NYU School of Medicine.  In these instances, they may apply to both the School of Medicine and MPH program concurrently.  Upon acceptance to both programs, students will develop a curricular timeline in consultation with both the School of Medicine and NYU MPH Program based on the availability of courses, timing within the curriculum, and other considerations.

2. Capstone Substitution: Dual degree students may substitute the capstone with an academically comparable 3-month elective research project in the final year of the medical school curriculum. To do so, students would need to indicate the intent to substitute the Capstone when applying for approval of the research experience, and demonstrate in the application how the 3-month research project would meet the learning objectives of the Capstone. The application would be approved by the NYU MPH Program Directors as well as appropriate medical school faculty.

Tuition and Funding

During the five years of the dual degree program, MD/MPH students pay tuition to the School of Medicine during years one, two three, and five (when they are enrolled primarily in the School of Medicine).  During year four of the dual degree, when students are enrolled primarily in MPH courses, students will pay the equivalent of one year of MPH tuition to the program via the Washington Square Bursar.  Tuition is discounted to 50% of full tuition.  Students may inquire with the NYU MPH program regarding the current tuition rates.

When students return to the Medical School in year five, they will pay medical school tuition, which will be applied to medical school and MPH course work. 

MD/MPH students are eligible for MPH scholarships during the 4th year of the dual degree program (during the NYU MPH portion).  Both merit and need-based scholarships are available.  Students should inquire directly with the NYU MPH Program regarding their eligibility for them.

The Application Process

Applicants are required to apply to each school individually, and must meet the respective admission standards and deadlines for each program. Once admitted to both schools, a student will qualify for the joint degree program and be eligible to complete both the MD and NYU MPH within five-years of full-time study.

Current medical students applying to the program must register their intent to apply with the Director of Dual MD/Masters Programs prior to the application deadline. 

Students applying to both the School of Medicine and the NYU MPH concurrently should alert the Medical School Admissions Office of their intent to do so.

For more information, contact:

NYU Master of Public Health Program

Zachary Maggio
(212) 998-2175        
Fax: (212) 995-4877

NYU School of Medicine - Office of Dual MD/Masters Programs

Joseph Oppedisano 
(212) 263-3804 

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